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23rd correction-- 10/26/14 

note: no more corrections alllowed no not true, I just made one and there may be more as time flys by 

This is a time line from the time God talked to them face to face, His suggestions & what they have done with them up to today. There is a beginning but there is no end. They can always change their ways and embrace the stranger (Palestinian) as one of their own. Still the choice is theirs alone to make. Hopefully I will see this occur in my life time and if so I will include it here as the final entry on page 14. The truth is they were scattered & then they gathered just as it was written so long ago only the true Promised Land turns out to be the USA, not some place beyond the river and they are happy campers along with the rest of us, in that old USA. 


p.s. I do not support the weapons our goverment has been giving to Israel 


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Page 10 why they were chosen 


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as a gentile this period in ancient history just amazes me so I put this together just to learn on the way. Wow I sure jumbled things around a bit.

I hope you at least get somehting interesting out of the reading.   


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 Why the link was created-----


My mother gave me a bible that has/had both the old and New Testament’s. I was given the bible because I attended kindergarten in a Catholic Church school through the first grade. . All my life all we ever talked about was the New Testament. At the age of about 50 I started reading the Old Testament as a past time. I soon discovered that this is where it all began. The Lord, (God) was directly talking to a specific group of people, they were called Israelite's. In this discussion God did not demand anything but He did suggest doing this & doing that,.,. but the choice to do so was left up to the Israelite to decide. They were give a “choice”. As a gentile this does not concern me or mine but still it is fascinating readying. Carrying you right into the New with an open heart.


(Lev 19:34 KJV) But the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God


They were chosen to show us the way, to show us how to treat the stranger, how to be compassionate and loving to your neighbor and by doing so peace would envelope the world.


The site wound up being part biblical, part history and part here and now. 


BTW Jesus was an Israelite

below is the date we were visited by the universe
just multaply the number below by -1
and you will see what I mean 


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Looking back, I created this site for no rime or reason. I started reading the Old Testiment just to read it. The New was all I knew before then. The period where God is taking directly to a group of people and the number of times these instructions included the term "stranger" fasinated me. Sorry if I jumbled things around a bit (:-
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