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Sunday, Jul 20th 2014

Palestinian child death toll rises to 70 while 50,000 are now homeless as a result of Israel's air and ground offensive


341 Palestinians, 5 Israelis dead entering 13th day of fighting

Tribune wire reports

9:48 p.m. CDT, July 19, 2014


341 Palestinians, 5 Israelis dead entering 13th day of fighting,0,3657517.story

15,000 turn out for pro-Gaza rally in London (PHOTOS)


The Guardian

Israel kills scores in Gaza City suburb in deadliest assault of offensive so far



Israel starts Gaza ground offensive

18 July 2014



I must accept this fact, I use this term reluctantly because it is not a term I use but they HATE Americans i.e. Christians and I cannot explain why. They just HATE us and that is a fact. And yet this is never discussed in the US news or made public but it is what it is, hate and spitting.,..,.,,...,,.,.,.,.,.,,..,.,.,.,.,.,..,.,.,.,,

Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, has confirmed that the Israeli art students were, in fact, part of a major Israeli intelligence operation and that they were conducting surveillance of the activities of the 9-11 hijackers. They also worked with the Israeli Urban Moving System employees in New Jersey who were seen in at least two Jersey City locations -- Liberty State Park and The Doric apartment building -- celebrating the impact of the first plane into the World Trade Center.

The Israelis at Liberty State Park were dressed in Arab-style clothing when they were witnessed celebrating the first attack. The FBI later confiscated a videotape they filmed of the first attack.


State Dep't Defines Israeli Settler Violence as Terrorism

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raymie  says:

god doesn't exist.
the christians hate the jews because their religion teaches them they killed jesus.
also, the jews stubbornly reject jesus as messiah. antisemitism comes from christianity, nowhere else. the
 bible is a myth which tries to explain why the jews aren't rulers of the world, even though their god created everything. you can't see any of this because you have an agenda. hitler picked up antisemitism from christianity, as did the muslims. in the muslims' case, it was exacerbated by the creation of Israel

semblance  says:

It strikes as being bleedin' obvious where anti-semitism comes from.

It comes from a natural distrust of a small
insular community which has power, wealth and influence out of
 all proportion to it's size.
raymie says: christians hate the jews because their religion teaches them they killed jesus. also, the jews stubbornly reject jesus as messiah. antisemitism comes from christianity, nowhere else. even though their god created everything

hitler picked up antisemitism from christianity 

Folks the fact is the naysayers above are wrong, wrong, wrong. No one “hates” Jews. This is a self-professing myth that they bring upon themselves, Jews are not “hated”. There are over
6,000,000 Jews living in the USA and they are not living in fear or oppression. Many are successful
 and are flourishing. Some I watch on TV as actors and they do a great job and I enjoy the shows I see.
I do not hate them and nor do other Americans. If you want to know where the real problem is chick the
 links below:

Arafat was married to a Christian


 Rabbi David Rosen is a talented and respected rabbi, originally from the UK.

Since in some circles it seems to be more encouraged to spit on Christian

 clergymen than build bridges (this week's events in the Old City), Rabbi Rosen

 is unpopular with Eskin and his ilk.


 It has been Jerusalem's dirty little secret for decades:  Orthodox yeshiva

students and other Jewish residents vandalizing churches and spitting

on Christian clergyman as they walk along the narrow, ancient stone streets

of the Old City.

 Christians say ultra-Orthodox Jewish students spit at them or at the

 ground when they pass. There have also been acts of vandalism against

 statues of the Virgin Mary.


You can not find one incident where Muslims spit on Christians but you can find countless incidents where Orthodox Jews spit

 on Christians. Has the American press ever covered the above-?









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