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note:  WHY THEY WERE CHOSEN?This is a time line

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 Why they were chosen follows in verses. Where they gathered is another story. The PROMISRED LAND turns aut to be the USA

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 This is a time line from the time God talked to them face to face, His suggestions & what they have done with them up to today. There is a beginning but there is no end. They can always change their ways and embrace the stranger as one of their own. Still the choice is theirs alone to make. Hopefully I will see this occur in my life time and if so I will include it here as the final entry on page 15. The truth is they were scattered & then they gathered just as it was written so long ago only the true Promised Land turns out to be the USA, not some place beyond the river and they are happy campers along with the rest of us, in that old United States of America; aka USA. 


<The page numbers indicate where you can find the topic. 

 Page 1: Noah to Rachel to Joseph

Page 2: History of Joseph

Page 3: History of Joseph continued

Page 4: Passover & Exidus II

Page 5: Where the Jewish leaders were buried, i.e. Not Palestine

Page 6: The term "Stranger" as used in the KJV

Page 7: And they shall be removed and no more remembered

Page 8: Destruction of Palestine & Jews spitting on Christians

Page 9: First acts of "terrorism" coining the phrase

Page 10:  Why they were chosen

Page 11: more killing

Page 12: more killing

Page 13: ISIS 

Page 14: TORA "Love the Strawnger because you were strangers in the land of Egypt"

 Page 15: 2016ad the needless killing and racists acts continue.,.

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A Smile Is a Smile from either side


,.,.,.,.,.,.,.When a wolf shows his teeth,.,./\,./\.,.,

.,.,.,..,.He means business.,.,


When we humans show our teeth it’s called a smile


s the difference an evolutionary thing and once upon a time we smiled for the same reason wolves smile today-?

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